Wing Chun Shaolin Kung Fu

So, today I decided to try some wing chun kung fu lessons. It was pretty sweet! I did taekwondo when I was a kid, but I really wanted to try some martial arts while I was in asia to get in the spirit of the asian culture. Class started with some stretching and strengthening exercises to get you limber and prepare you for the movements later on. There was a lot of leg stretching, which showed how apparent my lack of flexibility is. Then there was some plank positions where you hold a push up position from your fists. It is a really tough one, which we were supposed to hold for 3 and a half minutes. Needless to say I couldn’t hold it that long. But, that part was really good because it was tough and I think it will be great for my flexibility. I am looking forward to doing it again. Anyway, then we started the movements. Wing chun is about close combat and a lot of strength in angles and balance. You make very small movements which are really fast and very controlled. There is very defined position for you to be in. Then you must move very smoothly and efficiently. Also, you are always in a position to block and absorb blows. It was really interesting how the science of triangles and balance play into it. I was not very good since it was my first time, but i can see myself getting into it. For punches and kicks you always make short movements which are very fast and you flex at the end to generate a lot of power and strength throughout your body. I can’t wait till next time.


So I am thankful for pizza, learning some cool programming stuff, and the nice girl at the pizza place

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